Salon Talk: Raunchy Royals, Sweatpant Strife and Kanye guess Mr West’s new nickname?

In case you missed it, it was International Happiness Day last week and to celebrate, the United Nations asked a load of celebrities to name the song that makes them happy. Ed Sheeran picked a Destiny’s Child song and Britney Spears picked Kiss by Prince but can you believe nobody picked ‘Happy’ by Pharrell? Too obvious?


One song that isn’t making Sinead O’Connor too happy these days is her 90’s hit ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ as she announced this week that she is officially retiring the song and won’t be performing it again.

What do you get if you cross the TV series Downton Abbey with Footballers’ Wives? The answer is ‘The Royals’ It’s the new series on the E channel about a ‘fictional’ royal family, that everyone is taking about. Described as raucous and raunchy with a royal twist. It stars Elizabeth Hurley and television royalty Joan Collins. The producers are eager to point out that the series is not based on the alleged ‘carryings-on’ of our own royal family, I should hope not! If the Queen sees it she’ll be breaking out in a right royal flush! Catch it if you can – I’m hooked!

She was already the envy of the world by taking Ryan Gosling off the dating scene, but Eva Mendes incurred the wrath of millions of women by claiming that sweatpants were the number one cause of divorce in America. Oo-er! Ever the gentleman, Ryan responded to the ensuing outrage by tweeting that he was currently wearing sweatpants. Wonder what Eva had to say about that!
A magazine suggested that we should all have a fashion ‘tweek’ and shake up our wardrobes now that the clocks have gone forward. One celeb who seems to have taken that to heart or should be hair by lightening up her locks to a strawberry blonde is flame-haired Mad Men star Christina Hendricks. Well done Christina for recognising that if you want to go blonde from such an intense red it’s better to do it gradually rather than have it all done in one go. I can’t say I won’t miss the red but it’s nice to see her go for something a little different but not too drastic. Well done to her stylist!
Do you wear dresses without tights in winter? Scarves in summer? Well, that makes you a ‘season denier’. Don’t worry, telling yourself it’s warm enough to not wear pants when there’s still frost on the car is a big trend as we try to move into spring. Maybe if we all dress like it’s warm, the weather will miraculously get better.

Jumping on the feminist trend,one company has even come up with a line of ‘feminist lingerie’ with stretch fabrics and no wiring. Apparently the aim is to take the sexiness out of lingerie. Doesn’t that just make it underwear then?
It might sound like a bit of nonsense but German scientists have found that having a hectic social life can wreak havoc on your ability to do your job properly and some are even campaigning for working hours to be adapted so hard-partying staff can get enough sleep.
Sometimes I go shopping and buy things and then realise I’ve already got something in my wardrobe that’s almost exactly the same. That could soon be a thing of the past as a company called ‘Vault Couture are offering to photograph all your clothes and then store them away in a ‘museum quality environment’ and then get them out for you again when you decide to resurrect an outfit. Sounds better than stuffing everything in binbags!

Kanye West has been called many things by the press over the years but apparently the French have starting referring to him as Kenny West as it’s easier for them to pronounce. Kim and Kenny doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?