Salon Talk: Scary Spice sweetens her look; Emma’s Magic micro fringe and why it’s cool to put your feet in the seats

There’s nothing like starting the New Year with a bold new look and Scary Spice herself, Mel B is doing just that by being spotted out and about recently with an asymmetric bubblegum pink bob. Well, she’s never been one to do things by halves, has she? On paper, this look shouldn’t work but it actually looks great on her.


They say that actors sometimes become the characters they play and Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has certainly embraced Khaleesi’s icy blonde locks this week as she stepped out with a soft platinum look. She must definitely be the Mother of Dragons because this look is hot!


Big trend to come out of the Golden Globes (apart from everyone wearing black) was statement earrings. Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot and The Sinner star Jessica Biel had some of our favourites and was nice to see the hairstyles accentuating the jewels. Could this be the year of the ear? Our look of the night was Emma Watson who went for a pixie micro fringe which really brought out her eyes. Definitely a fringe with benefits!


Forest bathing is the  new way to exercise your mind and your legs. At first I thought it was having a wash in a stream but apparently it means ‘immersing yourself in nature’ and letting it wash over you. It’s a bit of a poetic way of saying going for a walk round the park but at least it sounds nice.

My new year’s resolution is have more ‘wabi-sabi’ or ‘acceptance of imperfection, either that or hot Japanese mayonnaise. Oh wait that’s wasabi!

I read an article this week that claimed 1/3 of Brits think they’re healthier than they were a year ago, partly due to working out more but then I read another article that said half of us Brits don’t knowhow to use equipment in the gym. Maybe they think means ‘going to the gym’ means sitting in the café with a coffee!

Have you ever seen those video games with dance mats where you’re supposed to step on certain spots on the mat to get points. Well, it turns out that’s an exercise class now. PRAMA used pressure sensitive lights to get you moving and building up a sweat. If it means having to go the gym, I think I’d rather play the video game!


Whatever happened to pretty shoes? The most talked about shoes this week have been a recently launched design that has individual holes for each toe like gloves. They might look hideous but there are reported o be really comfortable and now Birkenstocks are bringing out a new line with hair on the straps. This ugly trend is going too far now, it almost makes me wish I was young enough to fit into a pair of Baby Louboutins which the designer is bringing out soon. No word yet if he’s doing baby stilettos!

There is some good news on the shoe front though. Adidas are launching a new line of trainers made from recycled subway seats. Forget about putting your feet on the seats, it’s cooler to put your feet in the seats!

Ikea have had some great advertising ideas over the years. Last year they did a  campaign teasing Balenciaga over their lookalike blue bags but this latest idea seems a bit extreme. They have teamed with scientists to create a magazine ad using the material used in pregnancy tests so if you can find a way to wee on it, you might be able to find out if youre pregnant! But that’s not all, the ad will then reveal a discount on a crib! Talk about weird science!