Salon Talk: Short hair for shorter days, Dad ‘dos and why getting cuffed this Christmas isn’t such a bad thing

Salon Talk Friday November 24t 2017


The days are getting shorter and so are our favourite haircuts at the moment. Ever since anyone who’s anyone in Hollywood got a platinum buzz cut earlier this year we’ve had the pleasure of seeing these cuts grow out and get a bit more shape cut into them. We loved Kirsten Stewart’s grown out look for Chanel a few months ago but it’s the new face of the fashion house that is our new top of the crops. French actress Marine Vacth has made cool girl hair a lot shorter with her versatile cut. It’s a grown up cut that isn’t mumsy and can work on anyone from their mid-20s to mid-80s – it’s a cut above the rest!


Last summer was all about the ‘dadbod’ but this winter looks set to be all about the ‘dad hair., or ‘dad ‘do’’ Pioneered by one of the original ‘dadbods’ Bradley Cooper, this tongue-in-cheek ‘new’ style for men is keeping it slightly longer but still with some shape and dare we say it, long enough for a man bun! Before you despair too much about the return of the ultimate crime in hairstyling, if the dads are catching on to it now, the hipsters will leave it alone and soon we’ll be free of it forever!


Female friendships are one of the most talked about topics these days and it’s usually important for a potential boyfriend to be liked more by her friends than her parents but a new study suggests that men value their own friendships or ‘bromances’ just as much as women do and are often more satisfied with their non-romantic relationships than with their partners.


This time of year is always a bit of an odd time as everyone starts getting ready for Christmas and it’s like we’re saving ourselves for getting ultra glammed up until the Christmas party season kicks in this weekend. Well, at least that’s what I think Rita Ora’s stylist told her when she appeared on the red carpet last week in what looked like a dressing gown. She managed to make the look super chic and is now my hero for comfort dressing. If Rita can go to a star studded event in her dressing gown, why can’t I go to the shop in my pyjamas?


You know it’s nearly Christmas when the festive flavours start coming out in your morning drinks. In America, it’s pumpkin spice everything, in Britain there’s a gingerbread version of every hot drink going but Japan might just have the icing on top of the Christmas cake with holiday-themed Pepsi that tastes like a Victoria sponge cake. I don’t know whether to be intrigued or feel a bit queasy.


I read an interesting article this week that suggested that when young people buy a house these days a major concern isn’t how close it is to a good school, or the size of the garden but the house’s selfie-appeal. Yes, the first-home selfie holding the keys by the front door is now a rite of passage for millennials and the look of the front door is a big deal with some people even taking ‘test selfies’ to see if the house is Instagrammable. Who cares if there’s damp in the kitchen if it looks good on social media?


As the nights draw in, cuffing season is well and truly back in full swing. Don’t remember cuffing season? It’s a modern dating term for when you get a boyfriend or girlfriend ideally just for the winter so you’ll have someone to snuggle on the couch with and then you ‘uncuff’ each other in the Spring. Well if you are being cuffed, be careful you’re not being roached too. According to those on the dating scene, that’s when you start getting comfortable in a relationship and then your suitor tells you they’ve also been seeing someone else! Who needs a soap opera when you can just go on the dating scene?


Maybe with all the potential ‘roaches’ around, you might be better off single, or so say 61% of unattached women who say they are happy with their current relationship status. Here’s to being young, free and single!