Salon Talk: Silver Siren alert, Beard Blowdrys and Time for a Total Tea Rethink?

Forget beach blonde or even bleach blonde, have you ever thought about going silver for summer? Yes, grey is the order of the day for those in the know this summer season. Fifty Shades of Grey is getting a hair twist as grey ombre is getting increasingly popular but our favourite silver siren has to be Michelle Williams who has doubled down on the latest trends and gone for an ultra short silver crop. Love it!


If we ever wanted proof that men no longer see grooming as a dirty word, then surely the ‘beard blowdry’ is concrete evidence that maybe you should consider buying him a hair dryer for his next birthday. Yes, the craze is taking over in the States with men booking into salons to get their facial hair a shampoo and finish.


It’s almost May but is it just me or is still a bit chilly? I never thought I’d be saying it but it’s the perfect time to try out the fashionista’s favourite new trend while it’s still cold enough. Double shirting –wearing one shirt on top of another – under  jacket is this season’s latest way to look chic. Just means twice the washing, ugh!


Looking for  ways to relax this weekend? Slime videos might be just the thing you’re after. Sounds a bit weird but videos of people playing with slime are becoming more and more popular on the internet. Apparently it has something to do with how easy it is to mould into shapes that people find soothing after a stressful day. Who knew slime could be so sublime?


A bit of a more mainstream way to relax this way that ties-in with the retro hobbies trend is cross stitch which is making a comeback. The cross-stitch sampler is now taking pride of place on the mantel piece in millenials’ flats across the country. I was always more of a crochet girl myself.


Talk about fake it till you make it, clip-on veneers are the latest way to make your teeth sparkle and have everyone think you have perfect teeth. A modern twist on dentures, then?


 The quest for a nice cup of tea is like the Holy Grail for most of us. For me, it has to be just the right temperature with just the right amount of milk and the water has to freshly boiled in the kettle but what if I’ve been doing it wrong the whole time? Scientists have found that microwaving your tea releases more caffeine making your tea ‘better.’ I tried it and thanks but no thanks, I’ll stick to the kettle!


I’m so glad I don’t have to play the dating game these days – there’s far too many pitfalls. First there was ghosting and now young romantics find themselves at risk of being ‘cushioned!’ Cushioning is a new term for keeping a relationship casual and flirting with loads of people so that when you eventually get dumped, the blow is cushioned by the fact that you’re already seeing other people anyway. It could be worse though, you could be getting ‘breadcrumbed’ where people flirt with no intention of starting a real relationship. Cushioning, breadcrumbing, I bet whoever comes up with all these terms never gets any dates!


I love shoes but I hate shoe shopping, If only I was like the Queen, who it emerged this week, pays somebody to try her shoes on for her and break in new pairs. She’s a smart lady, who wants to get blisters when you can pay somebody else to do it for you?


If your house is anything like mine, there’s still loads of leftover Easter Eggs lying around. One egg I’m glad we didn’t get (although it might be the only one!) is a Marmite flavoured chocolate egg. They say you either love Marmite or you hate it and this is definitely something I’d hate!