Salon Talk: A surprising Kardashian gets blonde ambition, Duvets make their fashion debut and what’sapp – etising about dieting on social media?

Salon Talk Friday November 3rd 2017


Autumn/Winter is usually the time of year we see people gravitating towards warmer, darker shades with their hair colour and so is it any surprise that there’s a Kardashian bucking the trend and go having their hair coloured a bright blonde? The only thing that might surprise you is that it’s actually the matriarch of the Kardashian Krew who is brightening up the winter months. Yes, it’s Kris Jenner who’s boldly gone when not many dare to go this time of year and it’s definitely a statement look. I think it looks great on her though and the new colour and shorter she’s gone for add a bit more of a youthful edge to her style without looking like mutton dressed as lamb. Thumbs up Kris!


The weather hasn’t really been as cold as it usually is this time of year and so the tights haven’t come out of the drawer just yet but the I’ve seen a lot of girls in knee high socks, so many even in fact that I even read an article about the hidden perils of knee sweats which make your socks fall down. The struggle is real apparently…


Make every day a duvet day with the newly launched ‘duvet coat,’ which was found all over the runways in Paris ad Milan. As much as I love the idea of wrapping up warm, I think I’d look like the Michelin Man in one of these coats!


Just when you thought winter would be the time of year to cover up a bit, ‘naked jeans’ are set to be the next must-have wardrobe item. With just a waist band and the seams, these jeans are definitely not for everyone but at least you don’t have to worry if you ever split your pants, it’s fashion, darling!


Always a bridesmaid, never a bride seems like a bit of a sad but for one American woman, it’s a living. She’s a professional bridesmaid and helps strangers sort out everything for their weddings from piking out the dress to any last minute details for about £1500 per wedding. Sounds a bit odd but given how stressful a wedding can be is it price you pay for avoiding falling out with one of your best friends?


There’s not long to go until Christmas now and so many people are doing whatever they can to get into shape for the festive party season. Would you be tempted to try the Whatsapp diet? It’s a bit like food-instagramming meets WeightWatchers where you get post everything you eat into a group chat with your friends to encourage healthy eating choices. My friends would probably be encouraging me to eat more cake. Isn’t that what friends are for?


If you’re thinking about exercising to lose those few extra pounds, you could do worse than ‘beer yoga’ which is a big hit in the States and soon to be arriving on these shores. It’s just a normal yoga class but they give you a beer while you work out. Well, some people are more flexible when they’ve had a drink, aren’t they?


Ever wondered where that ‘new baby’ smell comes from? Apparently, scientists have discovered it’s a self-preservation mechanism from the babies who give off this smell to ‘draw in’ their parents  help form the parent-child bond and make sure they stay fed, and are kept alive. Awww, who knew babies were that clever?


I was bit surprised to learn this week that the Queen owns a McDonald in Oxfordshire because it’s on land owned by the royal family. I bet she gets Prince Phillip to go out for a Big Mac Meal at 2am and doesn’t have to pay for it!


Research revealed this week suggests that extroverts sleep better in general than introverts because they feel like they have more energy during the day. So go on get out of your shell, your sleep pattern will thank you for it!