Salon Talk: Taylor Number Two, ‘Bloody’ beauty and Dopamine Dressing

Move over Swift, there’s a new Taylor in town and we love her look. Victoria’s Secret model Taylor Hill, who has also been dubbed ‘the most beautiful girl in the world ’is about to become the face you’ll see everywhere as a new face of Lancome but we’re more interested in her hair. It’s great to see that she’s gone for soft and subtle highlights which give her hair a youthful edge. A lot of people tend to go for really dark colours in winter but add some lighter highlights just softens the look a little bit and adds a bit of warmth which we can all use in winter!


‘Vampire facials’ are a growing trend amongst the rich and famous where you have your blood pumped back into your face to give you a healthy glow. If that wasn’t enough to put you off right there, apparently there’s a new range of treatments where you don’t pump your blood back into your face but the blood of a 16-25 year old! Yes, people are actually having other people’s blood put into their face. I’ve heard of wanting to look youthful but that’s ridiculous!


There really does seem to be an app for everything these days as you can even end your marriage on your phone. The ‘Amicable’ divorce app has been launched to help couples sort out the nitty gritty of getting divorced. Sounds a bit odd and like one of those things that you shouldn’t really be doing on your phone.


They say you can be addicted to fashion and I think we could all do with getting hooked on ‘dopamine dressing’ as we start looking forward to spring. Apparently it’s all about cheering yourself up with what you’re wearing so expect to see lots of bright colours (in-keeping with last week’s optimist chic trend) but also little things that make you smile like accessories with faces on as well as quirky brooches and badges.


Beware the selfie pose! A report this week that teenagers in Japan are being discouraged from making the two finger ‘peace’ sign in selfies as researchers have found a way to steal fingerprints from the pictures which could lead to identity theft. Who knew!


The ‘relfie’ or real-life selfie is being touted as the next big online posting trend because let’s face it, nobody posts pictures of how they are in real life, do they?


Have you been watching ‘Spies’ on Channel 4? It’s riveting stuff about turning normal people into super spies. I read an article this week that said that intelligence agencies may be recruiting teenage girls and training them to be spies because they can keep secrets and are good with technology . I’m surprised it’s taken them so long to get on to this, as anyone who’s ever had a daughter knows, they won’t tell you anything!  

Research unveiled this week suggested that people spend over £40,000 on office whip-rounds and tea runs. Oo-er that’s enough to make you want start bringing a flask to work!

If you like your exercise to have the world’s highest recommendation for cultural importance then forget spinning class, yoga is the thing for you. Yes, the UN have recognised everyone’s favourite stretching exercise as part of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity as anyone can do it at any age and ‘build self-realisation, [ease] suffering and allow for a state of liberation.’ You can’t get a better advert than that, can you?


Apple are launching a ‘theatre mode’ for your phone to make it easier to check your texts and emails in the cinema. I’m fine with it as long as you turn the sound off – there’s nothing more irritating than those clicking buttons!