Salon Talk: The Dress, Everyone’s Talking About, Madonna, Mini Models and the Buzz on Rita Ora

There’s only one thing everyone is talking about at the moment. It’s that dress! In case you haven’t seen it it’s photograph of a dress somebody has put on social media, but because of a trick of the light and your eyes reaction to it, you either see it as a black and blue or white and gold. Arguments are getting really heated because people think they are just being awkward, when they say it’s a different colour. The way things are going somebody is literally going to end up black and blue just to prove a point.

Still on the subject of dresses everyone’s is still talking about Julianne Moore’s Oscar winning gown. The custom-made Karl Lagerfeld number had over 80,000 hand-painted sequins and apparently took 27 people a total of 927 hours (41 days!) to make it. So much work but imagine if she was from Liverpool, She wouldn’t be seen dead in it a second time, – Has she got that on again? Or she always wears that dress!


Can you believe some people are speculating that Madonna’s fall at the Brits last week, was a publicity stunt! How she got up an continued after that amazes me. It was definitely an award worthy performance – take a bow


For every best dressed, there’s a worst dressed and according to an article this week, some celebrities actually try to get on the worst-dressed lists so people notice them. Well, they do say all publicity is good publicity.

Haircut of the week is the ‘demi-buzz.’ The best way to describe it would be as a partial undercut. Rita Ora has one and Cara Delevingne is a fan so with stylish starlets like those two, expect to see a lot of buzz around this look this season. If you’re looking for something edgy to do with your colour, pixelated hair is a new technique that uses contrasting shades to give your hair a ‘fuzzy’ effect. It’s definitely a statement look for spring.


London Fashion Week, as usual, had everyone talking last week. After some designers tried thinking outside the box when it came to presenting their latest looks. Henry Holland put his models on a conveyor belt catwalk. And Anya Hindmarch was inspired by the M25 for her collection with bags that look like Eddie Stobart trucks and some high-vis gilets. I’m sure there would have been some traffic stopping looks in that collection

Cara Delevingne might be the hottest model in fashion right now but she could soon have some competition from…herself? A French design company has used child lookalikes of top models including Cara, Kate Moss and even Twiggy to advertise its latest campaign. The best part of it is they are recreating the older models most iconic pictures including the Kate and Cara Burberry ad. Genius!


Victoria Beckham has been named the most inspirational woman in fashion over the last decade. Well, she’s almost inspired me to get the culottes out my wardrobe after she was recently spotted in a pair in New York.

A report this week suggested that the concept of a ‘daddy’s girl’ might be a bit of myth and all girls secretly prefer their mothers as they are reported to spend an average of £7100 on their mother over the course of a lifetime while they spend less than half that on Daddy Dearest! I’m sure Paul would say it’s because he’s more low-maintenance than I am but I know that secretly I’m the favourite!

Have you seen Fifty Shades of Grey yet? It doesn’t seem like to many people like own up to having visited the cinema to see it. Even though it broken all kinds of box office records

You’ve probably heard of corkage where restaurants charge for serving wine you bring yourself but are you ready for ‘cake-age’. Some restaurants are now charging customers for cutting and serving cake that they bring in for birthdays and other celebrations. Well, that really takes the cake, doesn’t it?