Salon Talk: The power of Pink, Flat Pack Fights and is FOGO the new FOMO?

They say you look pretty in pink. Well crank that up a notch and how about looking pretty powerful in pink. Soft blush tones are now the colours of choice for high achieving powerful women. Take a look around the latest magazines and on social media websites and you’ll see pink dominating the wardrobes of politicians like current SNP darling Nicola Sturgen. Even pop stars like Rita Ora and Rihanna are embracing the trend As Miley Cyrus said recently – pink isn’t just a colour it’s an attitude. I don’t know what that means but it sound powerful!



Sandra Bullock was voted one of the world’s most beautiful women by an American magazine this week. I have to agree with the choice. She’s one celebrity who never seems to have a bad hair day. Her secret seems to be finding natural look that works for her. She tweaks it to keep it fresh but Sandra’s got a signature look that she sticks to and it works. She lives by the mantra – If it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it!



Even the best looking guys can get their hairstyles wrong. This week I’ve seen Shia Laboeuf with a scary rat tail on the back of his head. Heartthrob Ryan Gosling’s has gone all 80’s with perm. And Twilight star Robert Pattinson’s bowl cut, that looks like he had it cut in the dark.


There is nothing like flat pack furniture for causing an argument. Now a psychologist in the States has studied couples who go shopping to Ikea together. She found that buying small easily assembled things are relationship friendly. However when it comes to buying big things like wall units or wardrobes, that’s when the problems start. She describes the stress and strain of agreeing on what to buy then getting it home and worst of all putting it together as ‘Divorcemakers’ – having been through the trauma of flat pack furniture I know what he means. After buying one particularly large and difficult to assemble bedroom set I felt like we needed counselling

Prince William may have started his paternity a week before the new royal baby was due, but some ‘experts’ are now saying that perhaps maternity or paternity leave would be more appropriate when children are in their teens. Apparently, the teenage years are when young people really need their parents to spend more time with them. They could be right most teens can be as needy as new babies, they make lots of mess don’t say much and they sleep all the time.

FOGO – Fed Of Going Out the new backlash for people fed up with the party lifestyle. the new trend is supposed to be for people to get their hair and makeup done as if they were going out, and then putting a comfy pair of slippers on and staying in. Well, getting ready is the best part, isn’t it?

According to research house hunters decide in just twenty six seconds of being in a potential new home whether it’s the right one to buy. I Usually I make my mind up with in the first ten seconds but I like to give myself the extra sixteen seconds just to make sure I’m not rushing into anything!

If someone’s in a bad mood, you can usually sense it, but did you know you can actually catch it? It’s apparently called an ‘emotional contagion.’ The good news is that the contagion works both ways so ‘Smile and the whole world smiles with you!’