Salon Talk: Unlikely Style Icons and why we should Beware of the Beards

Taylor Swift is usually described as a style role model. So imagine the knock to her ego she took this week when somebody described her has having a hairstyle that was in their words ‘meh’! I wondered what could they mean but then I saw her latest hair choice and had to agree it was indeed ‘meh’ or what we might call a bit ‘frumpy’. For someone with the choice of stylists at her beck and call, she has no excuse for ever having a bad hair day. Come on Taylor, time to ‘shake it off’ and get yourself a better (hair) ‘Style’


Or take a tip from Katy Perry who’s new look went off like a ‘Firework’ when she debuted her new short crop. It may have been an April Fool but it was quite a change, and one that got everybody ‘Roaring’ their approval.


Of course not all hair role models have to be Kardashians or movie stars like Jennifer Aniston. You can take hair inspiration from lots of different people This week one client asked for a hairstyle like the German chancellor Angela Merkel. It’s a great cut and it’s a popular style amongst certain clients. And another role model is Shirley from Eastenders. You might be surprised, but when you really look at it, the cut is a variation on the hairstyle worn by Hollywood star Michelle Williams’ which everybody would love to have. The thing to know is that most haircuts can be personalised to suit you. It’s about seeing past the celebrity and seeing a hairstyle that can be adapted to work for you


Do you avoid responsibility? Maybe you should, at least when your writing your CV if you can’t spell it correctly. A survey this week said that ‘responsibility’ is the most commonly misspelled word on resumes. Clearly people don’t think it’s their responsibility to use a spell checker!

Since the dawn of the hipster generation, men with beards have become increasingly popular with the ladies and there are even dating websites dedicated solely to hairy-faced hunks and the women who love them but if you are someone who likes the unshaven look you need to be careful as a report this week showed that kissing someone who doesn’t keep their beard in check could leave you at risk from a fungal infection or even facial herpes! Well, they do say love hurts!



In the ever evolving world of selfies, a new obsession has arrived – ‘shoes-ies’. Taking pictures of your latest footwear and posting them on line seems to be the ‘in’ thing. ‘Jog on!’ I say.

Great news – there’s going to be a Duck Trail through the city this summer. The Lambananas were a great success a few years ago. And so were the giant penguins. It’s a great way for families and tourists to discover the city. I bet we’ll all be going ‘quackers’ trying to find them all.


A few weeks ago, we were talking about getting a good place at the front when you go to a class at the gym but a new report commissioned by the government revealed that around 66% of women are so worried that they might be the ‘struggler at the back’ of the class, that they avoid exercising altogether! I’m so far back at the gym that I’m at home eating a cake!

We’ve all heard the phase ‘It’s grim oop north’and maybe we Northerners have had a been given a bit of a bad rep by people down south but it looks about to change as women who live in the north of Englad are apparently happier than our southern counterparts. Looks like the North’s on top again!

Everyone talks about how great internet dating is but people are apparently increasingly worried about ‘stranger danger’ and more and more people are finding love with people they meet through mutual friends rather than online. So if you’re single and ready to mingle, ‘have you got a brother?’ could be the key to a lasting relationship!

If your relationship does end up going sour, new research suggests that a good old pity party might be just the thing to get you back on track after a break up. American scientists have found that a good old wallow in self pity and an examination of what went wrong post-breakup is better for you than just acting like it didn’t matter. Maybe that’s why There are so many breakup songs, song writers like to get the hurt out of their system. I’m sure doing that makes it so much easier to move on to the next stage….’revenge’