The (Robin) ‘Wright’ Stuff

robin wright1Are you tired of seeing the same old models’ faces everywhere? Well get ready to see the back of them. Yes, their actual backs. The big trend for Autumn/ Winter is to photograph models at discreit angles focusing on the clothes rather than the models wearing them. I’m sure Kate Cara and the rest of the model ‘fash pack’ won’t be happy about that

Who says it just women who want to look like celebrities. One aspiring actor from New Jersey has spent over $5,000 on Botox and face fillers so he can look like Ryan Gosling, he thinks all this work will help boost his career. After seeing the before and after pictures all I cans say is who would want to employ the lookalike for a film when you can book the real thing.

Actress Robin Wright’s hair was recently voted ‘The Best Haircut on American TV this year, I have to agree, Its a short choppy style that looks fab worn either sleek or shaggy. Its a really versatile cut, and I love it.

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but what about a man? When James Cotter’s ex- wife moved out and left her wedding dress, he didn’t want to throw it out so he created a blog detailing everything he could use it for, from a parachute to a scarecrow and even to drain pasta. Waste not, want not, I suppose.

I was reading this week how top designer Vera Wang charges brides a $500 trying on fee for her bridal gowns to stop potential buyers ‘show rooming’ or coming into her studio taking pictures of her exclusive designs then either getting a copy made or finding something similar on the internet. Well now this idea is starting to take off in other not so designer llabeled shops, and a lot of high end shops are starting to charge customers for trying on their clothes, to avoid them browsing and then looking online for a cheaper option. Hope Primark don’t introduce this!

Male grooming has moved onto a whole new level with the latest ‘mancentric’ service ‘ball ironing’ – a laser treatment that tightens lifts and prevents discolouration in a man’s privates. Oo-er!
Cleaning out your handbag is something we all say we ‘ll do one day but never actually get round to. Well, we’re all going to be getting out the Dettol wipes as one survey this week revealed that your handbag might actually be dirtier than a toilet! Yuck.

Gadget of the week: the Remember Ring – it heats up as it gets closer to important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. I might get one for Paul but he’d probably end up with third degree burns before he remembered anything. Ha!

Baby ‘mugging’ is the latest trend on the internet. But before you call the police, don’t worry – baby mugging is actually taking a picture of a baby holding a cup or mug in front of them so it looks like they are actually sitting in the cup. Looks funny but I think they could have thought of a better name for it!

Spare a thought for Venezuela this week – they’re having a national toilet paper shortage!