Hair and beauty wedding tips

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It can sometimes be forgotten in the rush to book the church, order the cars and choose a dress, but making sure your hair and make up are right on the day are an important consideration when thinking about your wedding.

Hair and Beauty expert Barbara Daley gives her wedding tips to make sure you look your best when you walk down the aisle.

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Make sure you have a consultation with your hairdresser well in advance, look at style you may like, don’t worry about length, if you have short hair but want something different you could always have extensions or use a hairpiece for the day.

Make sure you choose a style that will compliment your head-dress, if you plan to take the head-dress off in the evening make sure you have an alternative style in mind so your hair doesn’t look a mess.

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Make sure you feel comfortable with your wedding day look, you may never wear much make up and not be used to the hairstyle you have chosen, it could feel a little strange, or you could just hate it! Better to find out early and find an alternative than panic a few hours before the wedding. Always have a practice so you know what you are going to look like on the day, and can get used to it.

If your hairstyle is secured with pins make sure one of your bridesmaids has a few spare in case you need to secure your head-dress during the day.

Remember everyone will want to see your wedding ring so have a manicure so your hands look good.

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Your wedding day make up should be a little heavier than normal, this is because in photographs if your make up is too light you could look a little bit washed out.

And finally remember to take an interest in the groom and his appearance, make him have a good haircut so he can compliment all your efforts, after all he’s going to be on all the photographs as well and you dont want him to take away from all your hard work in creating the perfect day.

To take the worry out of planning your wedding day hair and beauty we have two special packages to make things easier for you.

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Wedding Packages From £170.00

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The package includes a consultation to help you decide on the right look for you. A practice so you know what your hair and make up is going to look like on the day. We will make your eyes sparkle with an eyebrow shape and tint, then on your wedding day as well as your hair and make up, we’ll make your hands look perfect with a manicure.

Or why not create your own wedding package tell us what you would like and we will create a package specifically for you and for your wedding Party including the Bridesmaids.