What’s your Skin Solution?


To celebrate the launch of Elemis in the salon, we’ve put together a handy quiz to help you find out which Elemis Skin Solutions facial is best for you
Does your skin ever feel dry and rough to the touch?
a) Rarely
b) occasionally
c) often

Is your skin prone to breaking out in spots ?
a) Often
b) Occasionally
c) Rarely
How would you describe your skin type?
a) oily
b) Dry/dehydrated
c) Combination

Does your skin appear dull?
a) Rarely
b) Occasionally
c) Yes, often

Do you have sensitive skin?
a) Not really
b) Yes, very
c) Occasionally

If you answered mostly A, we would most likely recommend an S.O.S Purifying Facial which rebalances oily pores and reduces redness using a Japanese Sulphur Mask and an Absolute Vita-C Booster Serum which also help to absorb the sebum that contributes to oily skin, leaving you with a beautifully matte complexion.
If you answered mostly B, your skin may respond well to an Oxygen Skin Calm Facial which soothes irritated skin using a Japanese Silk Mask and Absolute SkinCalm Booster Serum. Gentle massage techniques are used to help rebalance delicate skin.
If you answered mostly C, your skin is probably best suited to a Modern Skin Facial which helps combat the stresses of daily life by removing toxins, regenerating skin cells and rebalancing sebum, leaving you ready to take on the world with revitalised, renewed skin.
How did you do? Book an appointment for a complimentary skin analysis to discuss your skin issues or problems and find out more about these and other facials we offer in-salon.