When is a ‘Bob’ not a ‘Bob’ ?


The big question of the week is, when is a ‘bob’ not a ‘bob’ and the answer is when its a ‘faux-bob’ Claire Daines was the star of the show at last weeks Emmy Awards with her cleverly disguised new hairstyle. Instead of dressing her long blonde locks into a chic updo. Claire and her stylists set the celebrity watchers tongues wagging with a clever take on styling long hair and dressing her hair into a bob style especially for the evening. If their was an award for the most creative hairstyle of the evening then Claire would be taking home a gong.

The other popular hairstyle of the evening, was whats been called ‘The sirens wave’ This vintage style was the style of choice for many of the celebs, Our favourite waves were Allison Williams’ effortless curls and January Jones’ 1920s inspired flapper style. Seems like the Vintage look is very much in ‘Vogue’ Kate Moss has embraced curls for the cover of the Octobers edition. And the supermodel Arizona Muse is wearing the look to great effect in her latest Perfume ad on TV.

Are you guilty of ‘wardrobing’ the act of buying something wearing it and then taking it back. The problem has reached such a level that stores such as Bloomingdales in NewYork are attaching security tags and patches that if removed void any refund. As if we’d do such a thing!

When yourt involved in a photoshoot its really important to get the credit for your work, Whatever you may have done. Take for example Lady Gaga’s cover shoot for Interview magazine as well as credits for the photographer the hairdresser and the stylist the semi naked stars nipple make-up also gets a credit.

I like things that do what they say on the packet, dating site seekingmillionaire.com lists the leading cities to visit if your young free and single and looking for a millionaire of similar status.

Sorry to disappoint but Liverpool doesn’t make the rich list but if you can afford the train fare, a trip to Manchester might be worth your while there are 882 of them, just waiting to sweep you off your feet.

Sky News this week reported that on average women own 107 items of clothing and find it difficult to find anything to wear at least once a week. I have to try on at least 107 items of clothing before I can find anything to wear every day!

Monochrome has been a big story in fashion lately, and whilst we girls might embrace the trend, can’t say its works to well on a man. Mad Men star Jon Hamm went for a white tuxedo jacket with black pants. At last weeks awards. He looked like an extra from Casablanca, as Humphrey Bogart who new how to wear the Monochrome look might have said. ‘ Dont wear it again John’

Here’s how to get value for money out of a wedding dress. Take it on holiday with you. One clever girl takes her dress where ever she goes and has her picture taken then posts the picture on line. She looks fabulous next to the Eifel Tower and heavenly in the mountains of Peru.

Texting and using your social network sites when driving is of course illegal. Despite that its such a big problem in New York that authorities have come up with ‘Text Stops’ for motorways so you can pull over and check your status. They even have road signs telling drivers how long they have to go before the next Text Stop. If they are thinking of introducing that idea over here, never mind motorways they should start by installing one on Smithdown Road!

Apparently, you shouldn’t tell your friends everything about your relationship troubles because they just won’t listen! According to a survey this week, fifty percent of people try to avoid a friend or loved ones who is having a relationship crisis because they don’t want to hear about it!My advice save it for your hairdresser!

Hottest new exercise trend is paddleboard yoga. Finding your inner balance while keeping your outer balance is the new challenge on the way for yoga lovers everywhere.

Posh Spice is top of the charts again! Victoria Beckham has beat the Queen and Angelina Jolie in a poll to find the most inspirational working parent. I’m sure there’s a fair few people out there who would beg to differ!